TKO glad for sejren i 2. Heat

Thomas Kjer Olsen blev samlet nr. 3 i weekenden og sluttede weekenden af med en heat sejr. Thomas fortæller fra teamet.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “I really am pleased with winning the second moto. I was frustrated with my result in the opening race, I know I could have done a lot better but I wasn’t able to get a good rhythm, maybe because I was trying to be too conservative because of the heat. So I wanted to show what I could do in the second race. I just gave everything and felt really good. I got a good start, made some passes and kept pushing. The race was so different for me compared to the first moto. Finishing the GP with a win, and a podium result, is great. Now I’ll rest and relax a little before the next race, which I’m looking forward to.”

Results – 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship, Round 11

MX2 - Overall

1. Jorge Prado (KTM) 47 points; 2. Tom Vialle (KTM) 42; 3. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 40… 5. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 32

MX2 - Race 1

1. Jorge Prado (KTM) 33:40.277 20 laps; 2. Tom Vialle (KTM) 33:47.044; 3. Maxime Renaux (Yamaha) 33:54.583… 5. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 34:05.552; 6. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 34:16.210

MX2 - Race 2

1. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 33:51.534 20 laps; 2. Jorge Prado (KTM) 33:55.121; 3. Tom Vialle (KTM) 33:58.690… 5. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 34:07.551

Championship Standings – After Round 11


1. Jorge Prado (KTM) 494 points; 2. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 443; 3. Jago Geerts (Yamaha) 334… 10. Jed Beaton (Husqvarna) 192; 14. Davy Pootjes (Husqvarna) 157; 17. Alvin Ostlund (Husqvarna) 104; 18. Dylan Walsh (Husqvarna) 95