TKO tilfreds og dog

Thomas Kjer Olsen men tanker omkring VM i weekenden fra hans team.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “It was quite a good day for me today. The track was really rough and demanding, so to finish 10th overall is a great result and it’s where I need to be. My first moto was really good. It was a fight to the end and I feel like my fitness really helped. This showed in the second moto especially. I crashed early on and I was way down, but as the race reached the end I started picking off riders and ended up 13th. It’s frustrating and makes you wonder how that race would have gone had I had a good start, but that’s how racing goes sometimes.”

MXGP - Overall

1. Jeffrey Herlings (KTM) 50pts; 2. Jorge Prado (KTM) 44; 3. Romain Febvre (Kawasaki) 40… 10. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) 21; 15. Arminas Jasikonis (Husqvarna) 12